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for commercial usage see 
under »commercial uses – licences«

you have to send me a fully 
visible, good quality reference of the character*s with basic colors. I do not accept references based on descriptions or patchwork references.

please read my general terms and conditions on lizkato.de for

a comfortable processing of

the order.

x no gore, hentai, mecha, furry, 
underage nsfw 


the payment methods are 
PayPal [for international] or
bank transfer [only for germans]
all prices are refer for a single 
character on a simple background

all these prices can and will be raised for very detailed designs or more characters the commissions are for personal-use [non-commercial] only. 

comissions for

x     portraits illustrations
x     tight-up illustrations
x     fullbody illustrations

x     balck and white 

x     chibi fullbody
x     chibi black and white

x     twitch emotes
x     twitch panels

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fullbody illustration

250 euro+

tight-up illustration

180 euro+

bust illustration

150 euro+

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20.ohne text4.png

chibi illustration 
full color 
50 euro+

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term of uses  on lizkato.de
for merchandise uses
see »commercial uses-licence«

twitch emotes
1 emote             35 euro
6 emotes set  200 euro

twitch sub badged 
1 badge             25 euro
6 badges           130 euro


20.ohne text6.png



twitch panels custom art

every panel custom 

price by complexity

twitch panels
6 panels 

all the same, simple        50 euro


twitch panels


x   your own design
x   may only be used for the 
     twitch channel named
x   customized art panels 
     price by arrangement

commercial uses–licences

you can find all terms of conditions on

please read the terms and informations before you hire me for a comission. if you give me an offer, you automatically agree to my terms.

if you have questions to the comissions or something else feel free to ask.

here is a short explenation –
if you want to use the commission for your commercials I i charge a fee to purchase the license in the amount of 50% of the purchase price. 

this means you pay the comission price + 50% of the comissionprice on top.


for example – if you buy a 120 euro comission and you want to use it for merchandise or something else commercial, you pay 60 euros on top, this makes an end price of 180 euro you need to pay.

[120+60 (120/2=60) = 180 euro]

twitch emotes

zeichnen + animation
1 emote             50 euro
5 emotes set  230 euro


twitch emotes
nur animation 
1 emote             30 euro
5 emotes set  130 euro